I believe that the key part to any Interior Scheme are the soft furnishings, and in particular Window Treatments and the Tailor Made accessories.

A window treatment does more than to offer privacy, or keep the warmth in!
As the window is often the focal point of an interior,
the treatment should be the most eye catching feature, transforming a space, and adding a sense of drama to the room!

In the same way, tailor made accessories, like cushions, throws, with their own subtle details, are the finishing touches required to complete the room.

All that is required is Imagination.

This area of Interior Design is my specialities, and a perfect opportunity for me to express my creativity.

There are a wealth of styles and materials available.
With my knowledge & experience I can tailor make a window treatment, or design a cushion or throw that will feature within any space, and creating the desired atmosphere you want to achieve.