Flint design Studio is run by Anthony Gyseman. Dividing his time between locations in London & the East of England, Anthony offers his clients a personalised design service, tailoring his own particular style to his clients needs helping them create their own uniquely designed space…


A brief history...

I’ve worked in the field of Interior Design for many years, during which time I’ve acquired a wealth of knowledge & experience both here and in Europe.

I trained as a decorator in the traditional English style, I have worked on many period properties which has fuelled a lasting passion for textiles.

Living and working in Europe required adopting a more contemporary style, and as a result I have developed my own eclectic taste.

Ideas, values, & working practice

I like to be bold and sometimes daring with my use of colour, and seamlessly mix together styles, textures and materials.

I have an acute eye for colour, and known for my attention to detail.

I have a passion for textiles, and how I use them within Interior schemes has gained me huge respect from my contemporaries.

My aim is to help my client create the Interior space they’ve yearned for, and I offer my client a bespoke design service tailored to their needs.

Where possible the products for each scheme are sourced from craftsmen and smaller artisan company’s based here in the UK and in Europe, who like me I believe are experts in their field of work, and passionate about what they create.

I work with a team of trusted professionals & craftsmen who I believe are best suited to deliver a projects needs.

I am passionate about my work, proud of the high level of service I offer my clients and the commitment I give to every project, no matter what size.

An Interior Space should have character, and I believe creating it should be an enjoyable experience.