Stage 1: Initial Consultation with Client.

The initial consultation, either in person or by a video link, is where the client & I get to know each other. The Client explains the project in general, and what they want to achieve and establish if we can work together, and that I’m right for the project based on what I do and my experience. 

Stage 2: Initial Site Meeting and Presentation of Outline Design Proposal

At the initial site meeting, the client explains how they use the space, and how they want to use it, and more about their lifestyle. 

I encourage the client to present any ideas they have on transforming the space in question, along with their preferences of colours, styles, materials, and an idea of the budget.

I explain the design service I offer, and the clients decides what they would need to help visualise my design proposal: a specification along with a mood board or with more visual details supported by additional sketches, scale plans and layouts.

The client is sent an outline of my design proposal based on our meeting, highlighting any areas of special consideration, approximate time scales, along with an estimated budget. 

Included with this are my proposed fees for the project, for the design service, and for the co-ordination of the project until it’s completion. 

Once the outline design and fee proposal has been accepted, we move to the next stage.

Stage 3: 2nd Site Meeting, Preparation and Presentation of Final Design Proposal.

A comprehensive site assessment is made, where measurements and photographs are taken. 

The detailed design proposal is prepared and presented, along with a mood board, any other agreed additional visuals and samples of the proposed materials, for the clients approval.

At this stage, any amendments to the design proposal are made, discussed and agreed upon.

Stage 4: Estimates, Organising of Works, and Timescales.

Once the design proposal has been approved, estimates for the various elements will be obtained, tradespeople to carry out the various services selected, and timescales discussed and agreed upon.

I use trusted professionals and craftsmen who I feel are best suited for the project to carry out the work but I’m equally happy to work with the clients trades people if preferred.

Once estimates and team of trades people have been approved, then the realisation of the project begins.  

Stage 5: Initiation , Coordination, & Completion of The Project.

From the initiation of the project, through its various stages from purchasing of materials to installation of finished items, the process is coordinated so that the space is transformed in an organised fashion.

Timescale to complete  depends on the schemes complexity, and number and type of trades involved, but the client will receive regular updates of the projects progression until the projects completion.